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The attorneys listed here are members of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) Legal Committee (NLC). The attorney's listing does not imply any level of special competence. The NLC is not a lawyer referral service. The information here is intended only to identify NLC members and provide contact information, including some - member provided - biographical information and social media, none of which represents the opinions or views of NORML. NORML makes no effort to confirm the accuracy of biographical information posted by its members. Although attorneys on the NLC welcome your calls and emails, contacting an NLC member does not establish an attorney-client relationship.

Marijuana Laws by State - Marijuana laws differ widely from state to state. Learn more about marijuana laws and penalties under state law for different types of marijuana-related offenses including possession of marijuana, possession of hashish and concentrates, possession of paraphernalia, driving under the influence of marijuana, possession of cannabis with the intent to sell or deliver, trafficking in cannabis, cultivation of marijuana, or operating a grow house. The interactive map shows which states have marijuana laws related to decriminalization, legalization for recreational purposes, DUID, conditional release or alternative / diversion sentencing, minimum mandatory sentencing provisions, medical marijuana provisions and marijuana tax stamps.