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Christopher D. Mandracchia

Christopher D. Mandracchia

Civil Trial Law and Criminal Defense Lawyer
Conshohocken, PA

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Case Results of Christopher D. Mandracchia

Defense Verdict
Breach of Contract
Mar 2019
represented business regarding a contract dispute with a big corporation. Big Corporation sought damages from small business for breaching contract for services where the prices were increased by over 70% within three years.

Not Guilty
Contraband by a prisoner/conspiracy.
Oct 2018
Client was accused of conspiring with others, including correctional officers, of smuggling synthetic marijuana and other narcotics in to the correctional institute.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
Apr 2018
Client pulled over, illegally, for suspected DUI. AFter a suppression motion was filed and argued in court. Judge Ruled in favor of Defendant and that the stop was not legal, all evidence was suppressed and the case dismissed.

Not Guilty DUI
Homocide by Vehicle DUI, Homocide by vehicle- careless driving, DUI, Leaving scene of accident
Nov 2015
Cleint alleged to have been the driver of vehicle, while DUI, carless driving and causing an accident that resulted in the death of the back seat passenger. Client was also charged with leaving the scene of the accident. Jury Verdict found client not guilty of HBV DU and DUI.